Create, create, create

I've worked on everything from furniture, and interior design to art exhibits and parade floats. Check out some of the coolest things I've worked on in my free time.


The Great Loft Project

Over the summer of 2019, I built a loft in my 8'x12'x13' fraternity room. It is now widely considered "The Best Designed Room in the House."

Featuring a bookshelf, hanging lights, a paint job, a fully hidden speaker system, and a second-floor that contains my bed and all my clothes. My process is shown below.


Uber in Cancun: Short Documentary

The conflict between Uber drivers and Taxi Drivers

Here's a video I made with a couple of CNN reporters in Cancun, Mexico about the conflict between taxi drivers and uber drivers.


Other Projects

All sorts of shenanigans from bloody films, art exhibits, and gardens.