Matthew Lim

A Little Introduction

Hello! I'm a currently Research Assistant for the Digital Threats to Democracy project in the Technologies and International Development Lab in Atlanta, GA. I'm an end-to-end designer who loves to understand and enrich the lives of others. Collaboration with teams, finding invested stakeholders, and implementing strategies is my game. I'm actively looking for UX design internships for the Summer of 2020.

Born and raised in Indiana, I moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech for Computer Engineering with a focus on Computer Architecture. After being involved with Design For America and OpenIDEO Atlanta, I was hired by a campus design thinking initiative called Design Bloc. After some soul searching, I decided to pursue a masters degree in Human Computer Interaction.


I'm interested in


Inclusive Makerspaces

Empowering creators of all classes, races, genders to make

International Development

Developing sustainable technologies in low-resource countries

Design Thinking Education

Teaching design thinking methodologies to engineers

Designing and Building cool shit

Furniture, parade floats, gardens, computers, and more


Any questions about me or my interests? 
Feel free to reach out.

Feel free to reach out on any of the platforms below (I do prefer email though)

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