Hello there,

My name is Matthew Lim and I'm a UX designer and engineer pursuing a master's in Human-Computer Interaction. I'm passionate about the digital information system and supporting user needs. This website is currently ongoing mainteinance so I apologize for the cobwebs.

I'm currently looking for full-time opportunities.


Selected Projects


Autodesk Screencast Web Player

Programming a specialized video player for an Autodesk specific screen recorder.

Front-end Engineering

[ Summer Internship ]


University Innovation Fellows Project

Empowering freshman students with exposure to innovation and entrepreneurship resources.

UX Research

[ Fellowship Capstone ]


Cuenta Cataño! Counting for the 2020 Census

Assessed risk, context, and solutions to counting a historically under-counted region in the 2020 Census.

City Planning Researcher

City Planning Studio ]


Any questions about me or my interests? 
Feel free to reach out.

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